The Phantom of the Opera

Stage Direction + Set Design

Dress Rehearsal Porto 17th October 2019

Set Design Sketches & Imagery

Musical Theatre | The Phantom of the Opera in Concert

Music > Andrew Lloyd Webber | Lyrics > Charles Hart & Richard Stilgoe (additional) | Book > Richard Stilgoe & Andrew Lloyd Webber | Basis > The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux | Stage Director & Set Designer > Pedro Ribeiro | Music Director > Antonio Vassalo Lourenco | Video Designer > Alexandra Corte Real | Orchestra > Filarmonia das Beiras| Chorus Porto > Coro Sinfonico do Porto, Silvio Cortez | Chorus Lisbon > Lisboa Cantat, Jorge Alves  | Cast > Bruno Almeida, Fernando Fernandes, Sofia Escobar, Lara Martins, Ana Cosme, David Ripado, Filipe de Moura, Ricardo Panela, Diogo Oliveira, Mario Redondo, Joao Merino, Patricia Quinta, Catia Moreso, Alberto Sousa, Joana Amorim, Ana Marta Kaufmann | Lighting & Sound > Pixel light audiovisuals | Production > Armando Calado Prod.  |  Porto Coliseum & Campo Pequeno Lisbon, PTG |© Images by Susana Neves 2019

Director’s note

This work of art will forever be linked to visual imagery and stage direction of the London premiere in 1986 which made it one of the greatest classics of Musical Theatre. That year all the artistic areas came together perfectly and crafted this timeless work of art.

For me, creating a new visual space and staging for this concert version is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As in all of my stagings, I looked for an emotional connection to music and text, which would transfer all the elegance that the original authors injected into it. Seeking to create a show that would move the Portuguese audience into this story of a man who seeks to understand what is to love and be loved by someone.

My research flipped through the universe of Gothic novels, from horror movies of the 1920s to 1950s, from Edgar Degas’ paintings to the Gothic and Steampunk universe.

Often is said that boxes, drawers and cabinets are part of my imagination as a creator. I admit that there is something appealing to me in the sense of anticipation that occurs before opening a box… unwrapping a feeling is certainly exciting.

Opening a box, listening to music, and seeing a ballerina revolving in a mirror… these were the three points that I united to design this scenic space. A perpetual circular motion on a red carpet surrounding the engine of this “orchestra music box”; a chandelier that opens the box; and a curved video screen that shares the reflections of the different locations of the piece. It was from this “space-metaphor” that I directed the characters to a new interpretation, which is faithful to the text and music, but feels renewed, current and ours. I sincerely hope that this is seen as a love poem to the original work and that today you fall in love again… with these characters, with your friends, family and with the arts. Enjoy show!