The Big Bad Wolf

Costumes Design

Puppet Theatre | The Big Bad Wolf

Red Cloud Puppet Company | Direction > Sara Henriques and Rui Rodrigues | Character, Set design & Animation > João Apolinário Mendes | Music > Pedro Cardoso | Actress > Sara Henriques | Lighting Design & Puppet making > Rui Rodrigues | Costumes > Pedro Ribeiro | Co-production > Red Cloud Puppet Theatre & Cineteatro de Estarreja, PTG

Each Sheep has a Wolf

Each Wolf has 1002 Sheep…

What if one Sheep has 1002 Wolves?

And each Wolf has one Sheep?

Is it the same thing?

How many Wolves has One Man?

Images that sometimes float, fly, hover, and fall down with all gravity’s weight, with the dint of a stamp, between the absurd and the surreal mirroring the unusual holding a magnifying glass. Performed without text, within the dynamics of visual comedy and a constant interconnection between the actor and the projected animations.