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SONG CYCLE | Severa – O Fado de um Fado

music > Cesar das Neves, F.Freitas, A.Oulman J.Silva, J.Nobre, Rey Colaço | Arr. By > Sérgio Azevedo Carlos Marecos Carlos Azevedo | First preview at Ateneu Comercial do Porto | Soprano > Ana Barros | Piano > Bruno Belthoise | Lighting > Cláudia Valente | Prod. Artway|  Porto, PT

In this project, are connected through the space and time of about 200 years, two key points of the identity of Fado: by one side, the deep imprint of its geographical origin (Mouraria and the evocation of the life of Severa) on the other hand, its projection for the creative future through the brand brought by the composers of today.

The Ideas, memories, and emotions of Fado are deeply rooted in memory, family history and the sensitivity of many Portuguese musicians of today. Bring to life the characteristics of Fado by the language of Portuguese composers is an opportunity to Fado itself and a projection for the future as well as an emotional and cultural vehicle.

To do this, each composer is free to express is personal language, harmonizing colors and create a dialogue of Fado songs, from the repertoire of Fado Castiço traditional and those Fado songs composed for the film by Frederico de Freitas or Luís de Freitas Branco.

The color of music “Severa – o Fado de um Fado” is the voice and piano. The modern piano, born in the nineteenth century, conveyed the passion of romantic music halls and theaters. The piano is the principal instrument of that period, where palaces and fortune coexist with poverty, prostitution, and Fado. The piano, a contemporary instrument of the Portuguese guitar, therefore contains a universe of sound connected to the voice, to the song, to the lieder of Franz Schubert in an unshakeable way. Fado is related to the specific color of the Portuguese guitar. “Severa – o Fado de um Fado” fills the gap between voice and piano and does everything to reinvent this language and strongly evoke the personality of Severa.