La Traviata

Revival Director 2020 + 2021

Assistant Director 2011 + 2012 +2017

OPERA | La Traviata

music > G. Verdi | text > F. Maria Piave | Stage Director > Richard Eyre | Conductor > Maurizio Benini | Revival Directors > Pedro Ribeiro | Barbara Lluch | Rodula Gaitanou | Paul Higgins | Violetta > Lisette Oropesa, Ailyn Pérez, Ermonela Jaho, Bernarda Bobro, Ekaterina Bakanova, Aleksandra Kurzak, Anush Hovhannisyan, Kristina Mkhitaryan | G.Germont > Simon Keenlyside, Paolo Gavanelli, Nicola Alaimo, George Petean, Christian Gerhaher | Alfredo > Piotr Beczala, Vittorio Grigolo, Charles Castronovo, Stephen Costello, Atalla Ayan, Frédéric Antoun,  Liparit Avetisyan | Orchestra and Chorus of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden | London UK | 2011, 2012, 2017, 2020, 2021 | Backdrop Image: © ROH / Tristram Kenton 2021


“…In this stupendous revival of Richard Eyre’s 1994 production of La Traviata at the Royal Opera House, the 27 years old set design by Bob Crowley, still works magic as an ambiance for the unfolding drama. The stamp of the director of this revival, Pedro Ribeiro, is much in evidence. The dramatic performance, highlighting the conflict between father-son, the shift in Germont’s attitude towards Violetta, the ‘saintly courtesan’, is made clear in their first encounter in Act II. His hard tone and demeanor towards this fallen reveal early signs of softening and gestures of respect. The social norms layered with hypocrisy are superbly probed musically and dramatically in that first encounter between the two. The dramatic tension is given momentary relief by the colourful and beautifully performed gypsy’s singing dancing and the matadors. They lighten up the atmosphere before the mood darkens. The evening, in its entirety, can be summed up as memorable…” > Rivka Jacobson | PlaysToSee *****

“…In the hands of a good revival director – this time Pedro Ribeiro – Eyre’s show still can make us weep, and it still purveys much pleasure…the stage pulsates with life…” > Michael Church | INews ****

“…I cannot remember when I last saw the entire audience at the Royal Opera House rise to their feet… One does not expect yet another revival of a 27-year-old production to be anywhere near as good as this, but it was a wonderful evening…” > WILLIAM HARTSTON | Express ***** 

“…By now we’ve lost track of how many times we’ve seen Eyre’s staging, yet Bob Crowley’s handsome designs still look fresh, and with revival director Pedro Ribeiro drawing telling performances from all the cast, there’s plenty of life left in it yet…”  > Keith McDonnell | MusicOMH ****

“…revival director Pedro Ribeiro conjuring unusually detailed acting performances…” > David Karlin | Bachtrack ****

“…La production de 1994 de Richard Eyre de La Traviata n’a jamais quitté la scène de Covent Garden ni le cœur de ses spectateurs. Cette nouvelle reprise de la production, aux mains de Pedro Ribeiro, conserve les qualités de sa conception originale, désormais rehaussées par cette distribution. L’accent est mis sur la beauté et la précision dramatique, la mise en scène jouant sur les textures et les couleurs somptueuses, plaisant visiblement au public de Londres…” > Mark Everist| Olyrix 

“…Die perfekte Traviata im Royal Opera House. Wer die klassische Richard Eyre-Inszenierung von La Traviata am Dienstagabend in der Royal Opera sehen durfte, konnte sein Glück kaum fassen: Eine reife Inszenierung, ein geniales Orchester und eine Besetzung zum Schwärmen…” > Andreas Schmidt | klassik-begeistert

“Oropesa and Avetisyan are exceptional in impassioned Verdi… the opening night of this lengthy revival was unquestionably rather special…” > Tim Ashley | The Guardian ****