Stage Direction + Set Design

Set Design Sketches

Musical Theatre | Grease

Book by > Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey | Translation > Ana Barros, Jonas Pinho | Stage Director & Set Designer> Pedro Ribeiro | Band Coach > Jeffery Davis | Vocal Coaches > Ana Barros & Tiago Oliveira | Choreographers > Ana Oliveira & Vasco Rigolet | Lighting > Ricardo Leao | Sound design & Fx > Diogo Franco | Band direction > Pedro Alvadia | Band > Escola Profissional de Musica de Espinho | Cast > Students from the Academia de Musica de Espinho | Production > Ana Barros, Jonas Pinho, Tiago Oliveira, Manuel Cunha  |  Academia de Musica de Espinho Auditorium, PTG |© Images by David Oliveira 2016

Brief note

The teamwork required in creating a musical its indispensable for the growth of the theatre-going audience in Portugal. Why? The best way to know and appreciate – theatre, concerts, opera, ballet, etc  – is to experiment ourselves the creation of one of these shows: To pick the piece, build a budget, pay the rights, do a reading, the casting, memorizing the music, the text, the choreographies, the movements, the intentions; how to organize the schedule and find rehearsal space; the translation, the set designs, the costumes design, the props, the lighting, the sound, build a set, build or buy props; rent mics; find a band; the availabilities and non-availabilities; to respect other peoples work knowing where to stand in the big piramid of show bizz; how to walk and dance with a skirt, high heals, who does the make-up and hair; who helps in the pronociation, who does the sound effects, who operates them, who gives the cues to the actors, to the tech team, who memorizes them in a big table full of little light switches; who organizes information for the media, for the audience, who receives the tickets and takes the spectators to their seats, who turns off the lights in the auditorium when we are all seated? If we never think about these things when we are seeing a show is because all this work is done seamlessly. It’s in experimenting a show’s period of pre-production, production and backstage areas that we create the respect for the arts and the subsequent funds and jobs for the artists. What we see on stage is just the tip of the iceberg.