Bursts the Nonexistent Song

Stage Direction + Set & Costumes Design

THEATRE | Rompe a Canção que Não Havia | Bursts the Nonexistent Song 

Song, Revolution, Immigration > New dramaturgy built with Portuguese Songs from the 1940’s to 1980’s by I.Meireles & P.Ribeiro | Antonio Gedeao, Antonio Mourao, Antonio S. Freitas, Ary dos Santos, Artur Ribeiro, Joao M. Pereira, Joaquim L. Gomes, Jose A. Diogo, Jose Afonso, Jose L. Tinoco, Jose M. Branco, Jose Niza, Manuel Alegre, Natalia Correia, Rosalia de Castro, Reinaldo Ferreira, Silva Tavares | New Production | First performance within a time capsule house closed since 1970’s | Quatro Ventos Theatre Company | Cast: Alda Machado, Magda Mendes, Marta Costa  | Sto Tirso’s Poetry Week’2017 | PTG 2017 | © Images by Ricardo Meireles

There aren’t any stronger messages than the ones that are rooted in the community collective memory. A sure step for survival is to know how to dodge from the danger that surrounds us. But we can arrive at a point where is no longer possible to run away and we have to challenge that danger. Our history (Portugal, Europe or World) is made of migrations. It’s the limit situations that come from the danger that burst with our sedentary lifestyle. This outcome isn’t good or bad, it’s just necessary. There are messages that are embedded in our memory, and most of them, have also a melody. In the way, we shout a name, or in the melodic phrase, we hear on the radio. These collective moments of uprising can be painted by songs. Sometimes we can only remember the chorus part… we will take you on a trip through spoken songs, where we will not use any of the chorus parts but only the before and after poems. We can guarantee that in your memory will burst the nonexistent song.