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Text > Manuel Arouca | Lyrics > Miguel Oom Torres & Paulo Espirito Santo | Musical Direction, originals & covers arrangements > Antonio Andrade Santos | Stage Director, Set & Costumes Designer > Pedro Ribeiro | Choreographer > Sofia Loureiro | Light Designer > Paulo Sabino | Sound Designer > Jorge Goncalves | Artistic Direction > Maria Mascarenhas | New Production > AMDG & Boa Nova Productions | Auditorio da Boa Nova | Estoril, PTG | © Images by Paulo Sabino & Design Sketches by Pedro Ribeiro 2017

> Director’s Note

Two stories in two different times that comprise all continents. Linked by a place, a message. From that space of arrival, meeting, and departure, comes to life an idea of shelter/bus stop, that embraces us and takes on a voyage. It really doesn’t matter if we believe or not in miracles, or in divine messages… If we are Catholic, Buddhist, Islamist, Atheists, or any other faith. What really matters is – to understand – that there are people that meditate for the good. The power of that universal prayer strengthens us and them. A conversion cannot be forced or demanded, is something that simply happens, when we find in us the spirituality in the right stop/ shelter. I usually like to say that there aren’t any bad characters, only people that we don’t really understand well, with different lifestyles, ideas, education, culture, or that simply are on the other side of the barricade and they defend themselves like we do – always believing that that is the best thing to do. As well as sometimes we are not the ones who choose our profession, but fate does.

It’s in theatre projects like this one, where professionals work with amateurs, big business companies with grandmas that really we actually educate new audiences and link communities. There isn’t any other art form that makes this better than theatre. I challenge the audience to ask how it’s done, to talk with an actor, to want to know what and whom is behind the up stage black cloth. How it’s done, and who does it, it’s not a secret. The true value of the applause it’s in the recognition that in theatre only 10% is visible on stage.

(…) Because we all have a story, and we are all on our way (even if in the opposite direction of Fatima) now there’s a new musical on stage in Estoril that celebrates the end of the Centenary of Fatima Apparitions (…) it doesn’t tell the story of Fatima, but represents real-life stories of people that were converted to Fatima’s message (…) We know that other people’s life stories eco in our own story, and maybe because of that, this musical is so strong and impressive. From the cabarets of 1940’s Lisbon to the colonial war, through unusual and fun episodes ” A Caminho” reveals disturbing facts and inspirational people (…) > Laurinda Alves | Observador.pt